The publishing industry has changed, and the days of waiting for an established publisher to accept your manuscript are over. If you are considering publishing your own book, I urge you to learn more about what's involved before you embark on this adventure. ​​

Because I wanted to learn how to improve my own business, I enrolled in the Mastering Self-Publishing course offered by USA Today best-selling author Bethany Claire. I encourage you to learn from the best!

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Writers Groups

If you're starting out, or even if you're not, you'll find that connecting with other writers is helpful and uplifting. Writing is a rather solitary endeavor, and having others who are walking the same path keeps you sane! My father always said he was happiest when he was learning, and whether you join a local group or a national one, or attend a conference, you will learn more about writing and the business. Below are a few groups I've found that have helped me; I know you can find others where you live!

Henderson Writers Group​​


Las Vegas Romance Writers of America

Romance Writers of America


West Texas Writers' Academy

(founded by New York Times Best-Selling Author Jodi Thomas)

Lori Piotrowski