Lori Piotrowski

Tensions are taut in Boston in 1765. And no one is closer to knowing how difficult life is for its citizens than Molly Weston, a sixteen-year-old woman working in her father’s tavern, The Three Lions. One evening, the British Commanding General and his cadre of officers are in the tavern imbibing in rum and ale, when the general gets a bit fresh with Molly. The startled young woman spills her tray of drinks, most of which lands on the general. As he begins to chastise her, a British lieutenant defends her honor.

Thus begin Molly’s adventures into the events leading up to the war with Great Britain. 

The American Revolution wasn't fought only on battlefields, it was also fought within the heart. 
In the 1760’s, Boston is growing anxious. The Stamp Act has been defeated, but the Crown responds with two harsher measures that threaten the city’s weak economy. Molly Weston and her family struggle to survive, nevertheless, they are duty-bound to help the Sons of Liberty implement a boycott of imported goods, including tea.
 In the midst of the political turmoil, misunderstandings threaten the rekindled romance between Molly and British Lt. Geoffrey Canfield. When a rejected suitor and a vengeful acquaintance join together to destroy their love, Molly finds the inner strength to fight back, on all fronts.

Excerpt from Revolutionary Heart​, The Molly Weston Chronicles 

"To and fro I sawed, stopping occasionally to wipe my nose and rest my hands against the post. The smell of smoke wafted through the barn and into my senses at the same time as the sounds of horses neighing, hooves stomping, and the clanking rattle of jittery animals pulling on their harnesses reached my ears. My stomach clenched and my heart began to race as I realized the danger of fire so close. The smoke grew thicker and with it, a sense of doom penetrated my being."

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Lori’s new novel,  Revolutionary Spirit, The Molly Weston Chronicles, continues the saga of Molly Weston and her struggles with life in the 1770's. Newspapers from 1760-1774 provided the background for these characters who find love and adventure in pre-revolutionary Boston. 

Excerpt from Revolutionary Spirit: The Molly Weston Chronicles

​​“I’ve been thinking about that June celebration at the Common, and as I look back on it, you were quite pleased with my being overshadowed by Lt. Canfield. Now, a good friend might have found the scene a bit disconcerting and gone to the aid of her friend. You, however, stayed back and showed her no concern at all. My conclusion is that you are not a friend, but rather a foe. For what reason, I don’t know, and I truly don’t care.”