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Revolutionary Heart: The Molly Weston Chronicles

It's obvious the author spent hours upon hours of research writing this love story set with a real historical setting. I loved the way she told Molly Weston's story in the way a person from that era would have spoken. There's a lot of great history of America here that reminds us of how our great country got its start. Cudos to you Ms. Piotrowski.
- L. B.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I found it very hard to put down. The depth of the characters and the well-researched historical backdrop made it seem real  as if it were happening today.
​- R.W.

​Lori has done an incredible amount of research into our Revolutionary War. Her characters are appealing and interesting, the romance grows slowly and doesn't overpower the story. Her use of real historic characters made this book particularly appealing. I know it's fiction, but it felt so real I was listening with one ear for the call to battle. I learned a lot. Thanks for writing this, Lori.
- S.N.

Great read! I love historical heroines, and Molly delivers. Believable (and engaging!) plot blended with a delightful love story and exciting history-making events. Read it in a day, and can't wait to see what she's up to in the next book!
- ​K.P.

What a great story line with an unexpected history lesson and a twist!! The author gave me a feel for the characters, landscape, buildings, weather-I felt as if I were living in Boston during those days. This is a book that will be enjoyed by all age groups and both genders.
​- J.C.

 I loved reviewing this book. The historical aspect is well written and accurate, but even better the characters have depth and come alive on the pages. The reader is easily drawn into their world. This book is well written and hard to put down.
- R.S.

​With a scholarly intent the author wove a charming love story backed by actual historical events reported in the Boston Gazette. Throughout this historically accurate account of the drama that spawned our nation, the reader shares the lives, loves and traumas of the times.     The story reveals the importance of the everyday citizen's role in the birth of our nation. History comes alive in this charming love story of two young people who give us insight into perilous times. This is a great read for young students of history. It is a love story full of challenges and adversities. Enjoy.​
​- K.B.

Revolutionary Spirit: The Molly Weston Chronicles 

I bought this book shortly before leaving the midwest for an East coast trip that involved several days in Boston touring on the Freedom Trail. This book helped bring so much of the history to life. I know the characters are fictional but the history is real. Great read.

- S.H.


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